Flood Lights

Stars and Stripes Lighting's selection of LED flood lights are designed to provide outdoor setting with long-lasting and energy-efficient illumination. We offer knuckle mount, slip fitter mount, trunnion mount and yoke mount outdoor flood lights with a wide range of options. Add visual appeal while improving the security of your commercial building's exterior with Stars and Stripes Lighting's LED Flood Lights.


LED flood lights are designed to provide long-lasting, maximum energy efficiency for applications including building facades, signs for your business, landscapes or for security purposes. We have wattages ranging from 15W to 350W, that come in white or bronze finishes. You can also select 4000K and 5000K color temperatures, with cool white and daylight color tones. Many of the outdoor LED flood lights we carry are rated to provide up to 50,000 hours of lamp life, Dark Sky Approved and backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

You'll will be able to get reliable performance and powerful illumination where you need it most from LED flood lights. We offer a range of different options such as lights, wattage, voltage, color temperature, and more, making it easier to find the right solution that works for your application. Many of our lights come equipped with special features and components, such as motion-activated technology, which will help save on energy costs for lighting that is only on when you need it. Our selection of motion-activated lighting is perfect for backdoors, walkways, and other areas that need extra light during the night hours. Also, the sensors used with motion-activated lighting can be adjusted to various degrees depending on the needs of the location while providing light from up to 45 feet away, and quick time delays of 30 seconds for a lighting solution that offers incredible efficiency.

Our high powered flood lights have a quality design that is constructed of durable materials. Many of the flood lights we carry can be wall-mounted, or even eave mounted for easy installation. Whether its providing powerful light to stadiums, or illuminating smaller areas, we have something you need from some the most trusted brands. LED flood lights are a great way to illuminate certain areas and draw attention to landscaping, or provide visual appeal, while shoebox flood lights can help brighten up any location to deter criminal activity. We also offer mini flood lights that are great for smaller and tighter spaces that need less illumination.


Flood lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to provide wide angles of light output to illuminate large exterior areas. These fixtures are constructed of durable and long-lasting materials, which allows them to withstand the fluctuation in weather conditions.

Flood lights are available in a wide range of different types that include fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, incandescent, LED, and sodium vapor. Even though ach of these flood lights have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, LED has become the dominant type due its energy-efficiency and longevity.

Flood lights are suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as providing general purpose or security lighting to commercial building exteriors, or just simply highlighting a home's exterior or garden. These fixtures are very flexible when it comes to installation, they can be mounted on top of buildings, on poles, or on the ground.

Here are some of the benefits provided by LED flood lights:

• Die-cast aluminum housing with heat sink for effective conductive and convective cooling
• Doorframe is sealed with an extruded silicone gasket to prevent moisture from accumulating
• Up to 138 lumens per watt
• -40°C to +45°C (-40°F to 113°F) operating temperature
• Suitable for wet locations
• UL Listed
• DLC Premium Listed
• Dark bronze finish
• 50,000 rated hours
• 5 year warranty


Here at Stars and Stripes Lighting, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best and most appropriate flood lights that will best suit their needs. If your still unsure on which or how many flood light fixtures you need for your application, let one of our lighting specialists help you today. We can provide you with additional information, so you'll get the best flood lighting for your application. If you have additional questions about flood lights feel free to reach out to one of our lighting experts, we're here to help.