EPCO Lighting

Engineered Products Company Inc. (EPCO) has been a leading brand in the lighting and electrical industry for nearly 40 years. Minnesota-based, EPCO supplies a wide variety of lighting solutions for everything from residential and commercial settings to industrial and agricultural buildings. They are dedicated to providing quality designed products that are energy efficient and engineered with highly-innovative features intended to save money as well as installation time. By offering dependable and reliable products that are some of the most convenient in the industry has made EPCO a trusted brand among electrical distributors and contractors alike.

If you're looking to switch over to LED technology, our selection of EPCO conversion kit accessories will help make the process simple. With EPCO's retrofit kits you can use your original fixture housing, which saves on half the cost and half the time when compared with the installation of a new fixture. You'll be able to find everything you need to complete your retrofit project including wiring harness kits, ballast covers, retainer clips, reflectors, and more. Easily convert your old T8 or T12 fluorescent systems in your commercial, industrial storage, warehouse, or retail application with the EPCO LED Strip RetroFit Conversion Kit. This eco-friendly LED upgrade provides a solution that is designed for reliability and longevity, which offers huge energy savings, and eliminates ongoing maintenance and replacement costs. We also offer EPCO's motion sensing LED closet fixtures that are ideal for closets, garages, attics, storage rooms, crawl spaces, basements, and other small areas.