Concrete Step Lights

Exterior stairs, or steps, are a common pathway that is installed for commercial and residential applications. Typically, steps are constructed with concrete due to its ability to withstand changes in outdoor elements throughout the year. Keeping a safe and well-lit walking area, especially during the evening hours is extremely important.

Adding lights to existing concrete steps presents a variety of different challenges, the most notable is having provide them with power so they can turn on and off. Unlike woods steps, light fixtures cannot be placed into the existing concrete material because the strength of the concrete would be ultimately compromised. Below, we'll go over some lighting options for concrete steps that will not require interfering with their existing structure.

Walkway Lights

Typically, most concrete steps have soil that surrounds one side or both, which allows lighting such as walkway lights to be evenly placed along the length of the steps. They come in a variety of size and feature either a dome or cone shaped shade to help direct the light output that is generated downward. Walkway lights not only will add aesthetically pleasing lighting to concrete steps, they'll also help add a modern appearance as well.

Flood Lights

Now if there is no soil surrounding your concrete steps, flood lights are a great solution. This is especially common for commercial building settings. Flood lights offer flexibility when it comes to installation, they can be placed on a nearby structure and pointed toward the concrete steps for wide spread illumination.

Solar Lights

Solar lights provide another option for illuminating concrete steps. However, they typically will not provide the light output needed the steps to be adequately illuminated. Depending on your individual situation, solar lights might not be the best solution.

Light Source

In the past, most concrete steps lights utilized incandescent or halogen bulbs. Even though they provide adequate light output, they have to be replaced frequently. We recommend choosing concrete steps lights with an LED light source. They'll provide your concrete steps with long-lasting, bright light output.