Commercial / Industrial Strip Lights

Commercial / Industrial Strip Lights

A great way to reduce monthly utility costs in your shop, factory, or garage is by replacing the existing lighting. Start by replacing old fluorescents with energy-efficient commercial and industrial strip lights incorporated with LED technology. Besides the fact energy consumption will be reduced, the look of your space and visibility will greatly improve. These slim, linear fixtures feature light-emitting diodes that require a lower wattage to create a higher lumen output without emitting excess heat, making them an ideal solution for tight spaces. Select from our inventory of powerful lighting options for your industrial or commercial setting.

Types of Strip Light Fixtures

  • There are two types of LED strips light available, integrated LED and LED ready.
  • Fixtures that have integrated LEDs have built-in LED arrays rather than bulbs. They are pre-designed with a specific wattage, color temperature and lumen output that cannot be altered. The advantage these fixtures provide is that they feature a longer life and efficacy rating
  • The other type mentioned is strip fixtures ready for LED T8 bulbs. Just like the integrated models, they also consume less energy and last longer than traditional fluorescent fixtures, while providing the same light output. These fixtures have no driver or built-in LED arrays, so when a tube burns-out, you can just replace it with a new one.

Whether your upgrading your existing lighting or installing a whole new LED lighting system, we want to make sure your workspace is properly illuminated. We are proud to offer great pricing on high-quality fixtures, so you don't have to waste time looking for the best option that suits your needs. At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we carry a large variety of strip light fixtures that will meet your area's requirements. Select from integrated LED or LED ready commercial and industrial strip lights for your next project. We even have retrofit kits for strips available if you are simply looking to upgrade. All of their unique benefits to ensure you have the perfect fit for your application.

Need Help With Commercial or Industrial Strip Lights?

Our team of NAILD Certified Lighting Experts is here to help any questions or concerns that you may have.