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Classroom Lighting

Proper school lighting is an important element factor for the learning environment. Without adequate illumination, learning will become less focused and less effective. When it comes to implementing the right classroom lighting applications, several suggestions are listed below to provide a successful, productive learning environment for students.

When it comes to classroom lighting, you should consider the space of the room when choosing the mounting type. For examples, classrooms should use surface mounted or recessed lighting, which will help create the illusion of a larger space, while providing adequate illumination. A suspended lighting only works well in rooms with ceilings that are 9-feet or more in height, otherwise you could end up creating a cave-like appearance with shadowy areas off to the outside of the light spread. So, to avoid having shadowy areas, opt for a larger light spread or place the fixtures as high up as possible with multiple lamps for optimal lighting.

LED lights are one of the most preferred solutions for classroom lighting applications. Even though LED solutions can sometimes be more expensive than incandescent or compact fluorescent options upfront, they will end up paying for the investment overtime with lower utility costs, improved longevity of the fixture and bulbs, and little to no maintenance needs. What makes them ideal for classroom settings is the cool white color temperature they provide, which closely mimics natural light in temperature. It has been proven that natural light is the most cost effective lighting solution for learning environments, since it helps to improve mental clarity and alertness in ways artificial lighting that has a warmer temperature cannot achieve.

Lighting should always be positioned to benefit both students and teachers. Many classrooms will have adequate lighting overhead of the desk, but the board where the teacher is instructing students is often obscured by shadows. This typically occurs because the classroom uses recessed fixtures that simply cannot reach the wall where the board is commonly placed. It can be difficult to put four foot recessed fixtures that are closed to a wall. Instead, we recommend track lighting, which will allow you to spread light to this important area, without taking away from the general lighting needs of students. If the area is limited in space that won't allow for track lighting placed overhead, accent lighting can be placed at the sides of this area for the best classroom lighting applications.