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More About Lighting Fixture Applications

We carry a complete inventory of products to illuminate virtually any area including warehouses, shops, offices, gymnasiums, parking lots and even horse barns at Stars and Stripes Lighting. To address these diverse applications, you'll be able to find the right lighting equipment to provide energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination.

Brow equal-columns--clear equal-columns--outside-trimse our selection of high bay LED lighting fixtures designed to illuminate area of 20 feet or more, including manufacturing facilities, big box retail stores, industrial work spaces, gyms and warehouses. LED lights use less energy, emit less heat and last significantly longer than traditional high bay fixtures. When you swap out a 1000 Watt HID with a 325 Watt LED, your area will have the same level of illumination operating at a lower cost with less energy consumed, resulting in a much longer lamp life and less maintenance. We have LED high bays with lamp life ratings that exceed 100,000 hours, and LED fixtures require no ballast.

Make your shops or commercial venues more energy efficient by updating and upgrading to LED strip lights that are an budget-friendly and good for the environment will help overall energy consumption. All T8 strips, commercial strips and fluorescent strips are available in energy-efficient, long-lasting LED form. We carry LED commercial strips from top-quality brand names such as Falkor, Green Creative, Keystone, and TechBrite in an array of wattage options ranging from 18W to 64W.

To address indoor riding arenas and equine barns, high bay fixtures in LED form are long-lasting, energy-efficient, low maintenance and have instant-startup even in the coldest of conditions. They are also UL listed for use in wet locations. We have LED indoor arena lighting from top-notch brands such as Litetronics, SLG and TCP, providing up-to 100,000 hours of lamp life before a replacement may be needed. For high ceiling environments, LED High Bays are an ideal solution for arena lighting and are suitable for use with a applicable occupation sensor. Our LED T8 Tube High Bays for arenas are able to provide efficient illumination for ceilings with middle to large heights.

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