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Yacht Lighting

When it comes to planning lighting for unique spaces, every location has different requirements and needs. For instance, lighting for a yacht needs to be durable and fully functional to be the right solution for this unique area. Below we'll go over several suggestions on implementing the best yacht lighting.

As with many locations, there are laws and regulations that need to be followed when it comes to installing yacht lighting. For instance, the exterior lighting on a yacht needs to be in compliance with certain codes such as brightness, color, and placement. The U.S. Coast Guard is in charge with addressing these matters, so we recommend consulting with their website before adding or changing any lighting on your vessel.

Ensuring your light fixture is rated for use in areas where high levels of moisture is present is very important. Since, the yacht will experience some pretty intense conditions, having the proper installed will determine how long it lasts and how well it performs. With different elements such as saltwater, fresh water, sand, wind, sun, and even rain coming in contact with the yacht on a frequent basis, the exterior lighting fixtures need to be marine rated for the best solution. Even though the internal fixtures in the cabin aren't exposed to as much moisture, you should still look for options with a higher rating than a lower one, which will ensure durability for years to come.

Also when it comes to cabin yacht lighting, heat should also be a key factor that is addressed. Even though a yacht is a large vessel, the space can still seem somewhat confined and the use of lamps that produce extra heat can make the space feel very uncomfortable. The ideal solution is to select lamps that are low to no heat emitting for the overall best results. Not only will low heat lamps result in you having a cooler space, it is also a sign of a more efficient lamp in terms of energy consumption for lumens produced.

For the best yacht lighting, we recommend go with an LED solution for both internal and external areas. LED is a type of lighting that creates no heat loss, offers incredible longevity, and better overall energy consumption. It can also be found in several colors, such as blue, pink, RGB, and more, so you can implement different lighting schemes on your yacht for the perfect look.