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Workspace Lighting

For work areas, lighting can play an important role. Regardless of whether you have a home office or desk at the office, having proper lighting installed can help improve productivity, mood, and alertness. Below are some suggestions that will help you implement the best workspace lighting for your location.

When it comes to a workspace, the best lighting option can be found in natural light. It has been proven that natural light can help boost alertness and productivity, while also helping with disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. So, if you're able to incorporate natural light, you'll be able to experience the benefits that it will provide your home office or workplace, even if its in just small amounts. This will help keep you alert and focused, while also helping to cut down on the need for artificial lighting to a degree.

Even though natural sunlight is ideal for a variety of reasons, you will still need light that is produced from an artificial light source. When it comes to a workspace the best option available is LED. There are several reasons that LED stands out for a workspace. LED offers a clear and clean light that is free from flickers for a consistent and comfortable light source. It is also free from glares, which will ensure your eyes stay comfortable when working long hours. LED also provides better color rendering indexes, which helps if you're working on projects with a lot of colors. They're also longer lasting lamps for better longevity, while consuming lower wattages of energy to produce higher lumens of bright light that is efficient. Using LED overhead lights are ideal for general lighting, with a ton of benefits.

We also recommend the use of task lighting in your workspace, even if you can incorporate natural light with LED overhead fixtures. Task lighting is typically in the form of a lamp or even recessed can lighting depending on the size of the space, which can provide a more concentrated scope of light for performing tasks in need of extra light such as reading, writing, or working with your hands on various projects.

One of the best ways that you can implement the best lighting option for your workspace is by simply finding the right bulb that meets your specifications. For example, LED lamps are available in a range of color temperature options, which can make an overall difference. We recommend that the color temperature of a workplace lamp should mimic natural daylight, that would fall in the range of 3500K-4000K, helping to assist with alertness. Having the right color temperature implemented will help with those long working days!