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Wine Cellar Lighting

Several locations have key factors that need to be considered before finalizing a lighting solution. So, depending on what area you are trying to light is the determining factor in what applications are the most appropriate. With the growing appreciation of wine, many people need a few pointers for lighting a unique area like a wine cellar. Below we will go over some suggestions for implementing the best wine cellar lighting in your area.

Avoiding excess heat is a major factor when it comes to wine cellar lighting. Wine needs to be stored away from areas were heat is present, which includes some types of lighting. You need to avoid halogen and incandescent lamps, which tend to have higher output. We strongly recommend LED or even compact fluorescent bulbs because they produce less heat and last significantly longer.

Depending on how your wine is stored plays a role in what lighting solution needs to be installed. For instance, if your cellar has floor to ceiling shelving units with very little space between the ceiling and the shelf, we recommend recessed lighting over suspended or pendant fixtures. On the other-hand, if your cellar has shelving that is more of a half shelf unit which only goes midway to the ceiling, you will have more flexibility in the type of fixtures you can install.

Typically, you want to avoid having shadows when lighting other areas due to the fact it makes it harder to see on the eyes. For instance, it can jarring for your vision to have to adjust from the contrast of a dark shadow to a bright light source. When it comes to wine cellar lighting, shadows can actually help create a mood of ambiance, which is warm and inviting. So, you really don't have to worry that much about shadows in this unique application. The real focus should be implementing a lighting solution to ensure you have visibility where you actually need it for safety concerns and reading labels. You can even eliminate extra lighting in areas of the space not being used to leave more shadows and have a more gentle lighting plan.

If you're looking to create a more focused lighting outcome, track lighting is an ideal solution. It is easy to install, mounting directly to the ceiling and allows you a more even spread of light. For example, if you want the beam spread to fall directly upon the shelving units, track lighting is perfect. Most units feature adjustable heads, which adds to the versatility of this type of lighting.

When developing a plan for your wine cellar lighting, keep in mind you can incorporate different types of lighting into the space. Even though many other areas are better suited for one type of lighting for functional reasons, this space can be both equally attractive and functional. We recommend adding in some pendant light fixtures, or a beautiful chandelier style fixture in the center of the space for added décor. Keep in mind finding the right solutions comes down to what is best for your individual needs. So, you can master wine cellar lighting with ease using these suggestions.