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Intended to be installed in areas where water is present, wet location LED high bays feature a completely sealed design to keep out dust and moisture. These wet proof LED high bay fixtures come in an array of lumen outputs with different wattage options. Most are corrosion-resistant, allowing them to be installed in areas where harsh contaminants may be present. When compared to traditional offerings, LED wet location high bays provide a much better light output that is more efficient that last significantly longer.

These LED lights are also commonly referred to as wash-down high bays, meaning they can be regularly hosed down with high pressure washers, keeping your fixture looking brand new and removing unwanted dust, dirt, and debris that traditional high bay lighting tends to collect. Many even feature 0-10V dimming, allowing the light levels to be adjusted to fit your commercial application's lighting requirements. All waterproof LED high bays are IP65 or IP66 rated, so they can be exposed to constant presence of water in both indoor or outdoor applications. These high bay fixtures are great for use in areas such as food and beverage processing, farm and agricultural facilities, commercial kitchens, riding arenas, equine stalls, food preparation sites and more!

We carry some of the most recognized brands of wet location LED high bays at Stars and Stripes Lighting. These fixtures will help you significantly reduce your overall energy consumption, helping to save you money on your monthly electrical costs. LEDs are rated to provide up to 100,000-hours of continuous illumination, meaning you can simply sit back and relax without the worry of having to routinely maintenance your fixture.