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Vapor Tight LED High Bays

LED Vapor Tight High Bay Lights

´╗┐Manufactured for use in high moisture and harsh environments, Vapor Tight LED High Bays can be used outdoor or indoors in areas where the climate may put other lights at risk for exposure to dampness or other harmful contaminents. These Vapor Tight LED High Bay Lighting fixtures boast a sealed design that makes them very-easy to clean, even if they're exposed to high-pressure power washers. With no mercury present, Vapor Tight High Bays are energy efficient and safe, make them an overwhelmingly popular choice for anyone needing to illuminate large storage areas, garages or outdoor lots. Our offering of Vapor Tight LED High Bays┬áhere at Stars and Stripes Lighting, are designed to operate in very-cold temperatures, giving you a reliable lighting system that you can count on for years to come.