Tube Lights

LED tube lights are a great choice if you are looking to replace your old fluorescent T5, T8, T10 or T12 lamps with long lasting, more efficient LED technology. At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we make replacing fluorescent light bulbs easy with our extensive selection of LED tube replacements.

Type A (also referred to as ballast compatible or plug-n-play tubes)

These tube lights are designed for use in fixtures with an existing electronic ballast to drive the LEDs in the tube itself. This option requires no rewiring and doesn't require an electrician, allowing you to do the work yourself. However, there are to this option is that the T8 LED bulb will not operate if the ballast fails. (Note: Not all T8 ballast will operate these tubes, please make sure to check the ballast compatibility guide for the product to ensure your electronic ballast is compatible).

Type B (direct wire)

These tube lights are designed to operate without a ballast. The fixture's internal ballast needs to be disconnected and the tombstones (lamp sockets) need to be replaced with non-shunted sockets, and then wired direct to 120-277V line voltage. The great thing about this replacement option is that your eliminating the most common issues that affect fluorescent fixtures, the ballast. However, in most cases an electrician is required due to the fact the fixture needs to be rewired to accept these T8 LED tubes.

Type A/B (hybrid)

These tube lights are designed to be installed either way, ballast compatible or direct wire. This type is very popular due to the flexibility you get with multiple installation options and also takes the guess work on choosing which T8 LED light bulb would work in your fixture. Keep on mind, it you plan on removing the ballast using type B mode, we recommend hiring a certified electrician to complete the work.