TechBrite:  LED High Bays, LED Flat Panels, LED Troffers and More

TechBrite has been providing customers throughout the country with quality lighting fixtures for over thirty years. They are based in Cincinnati, Ohio and in 2009 they came under a new ownership team that is committed to providing and manufacturing the most energy efficient lighting fixtures on the market. TechBrite only uses quality premium materials that follow the highest of assembly standards. 

TechBrite is one of very few companies that seen the importance of providing customers with an affordable option to upgrade their lighting systems with LED technology. Manufacturing a full-line of LED ready fixtures that include LED high bays, retrofit kits, troffers, vapor tight high bays, and strip fixtures provides customers with an economical lighting solution that is efficient.

TechBrite LED ready fixtures come with pre-wired sockets that are ready to accept T8 LED lamps. Unlike fixtures that are LED integrated, when the LED lamp eventually burns-out, you can simply just replace it and be as good as new. They have a up-to a 50,000 hour rated lifespan and do not require frequent replacement like traditional fluorescent systems. The catalog of TechBrite LED ready fixtures are warranties up-to five years.

TechBrite also carries a large selection of integrated LED lighting fixtures as well that include LED high bays, troffers, commercial strips, flat panels, wall packs, and area lights. Many have rated lifespans that often exceed 100,000 hours. This helps to cut-back tremendously on constant maintenance and replacement material costs of the life of the fixture. The selection of TechBrite LED troffers is unrivaled by other manufacturers. With there several different choices in styles, wattages and color tones available. TechBrite is truly setting the bar high. 

Even though TechBrite has a large selection of LED fixtures, they still offer energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures as well. The TechBrite T5HO and T8 fluorescent high bays deliver premium light output in low to high ceiling applications. The TechBrite Bay Brite fluorescent high bays come with a 95% miro4 reflector, allowing for maximum light distribution, and an electronic programmed start ballast that enables instant start up unlike traditional HIDs. The come in 3-Lamp, 4-Lamp, 6-Lamp, 8-Lamp configurations to accommodate many different applications with high ceilings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and gymnasiums. The TechBrite Vapor Tight high bay is great for environments with extreme conditions, utilizing their sealed design. Their selection of wet location fixtures are not only great for applications with excessive moisture but thrive in areas that have extreme dust and dirt as well. Our knowledgable staff here at Stars and Stripes Lighting it here to help answer any questions on products from TechBrite.