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T8 / T8HO Ballasts

Replace your T8HO or T8 ballast to keep your fixtures running like new and maximizing your light bulbs maximum lifespan. Installing a new ballast helps to increase efficiency while in use, increasing the time between bulb replacements. Stars and Stripes Lighting carries T8 ballasts from some of the best lighting brands, including Advance, Halco, Hatch, Keystone and more in programmed start and instant start methods. Sometimes it can be confusing on knowing which model to purchase, so you can contact us to address any questions or for professional advice.

In our store, you will find the right T8HO ballast or T8 ballast that will suit your needs. All of our quick-start ballasts have low temperature startups, eliminating wear and tear while improving the reliability of your lighting fixtures. With energy costs on the rise, install one of our efficient fluorescent light ballasts, reducing energy loss while powering your lamps at their highest potential.

We carry a large inventory of both instant start ballasts and programmed start ballasts here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. Instant start ballasts ignite the lamp by applying a large voltage through the lamp during startup, while programmed start ballasts provide a lower voltage to heat the lamp cathodes before applying a higher starting voltage and then continuing to provide cathode heating voltage while the lamp is in operation. Instant start models consume less energy and are the most energy efficient solution for fluorescent lights. With programmed start models, they are little bit more versatile working with occpancy sensors.