T8 LED Sign Tubes

T8 Sign Bulbs


    T8 LED sign tubes are perfect for retrofits or new sign installations, offering a considerably longer life when compared to fluorescent, with reduced maintenance and energy costs. They are quick and easy to install using bypass technology, eliminating the need for an external driver or ballast.

    The light output generated by LED sign tubes will be comparable to that of the existing fluorescent lamps. For example, if your sign requires 540-watts to be illuminated with fluorescent tubes, you can achieve the same with LED and only use 252-watts.

    We offer LED sign retrofit solutions to for any size sign cabinet. They are available in lengths ranging from 18-inches to 120-inches. These LED tube lights for signs also have rotatable R17D end caps that swivel, which helps to ensure that the tube can be adjusted regardless of socket orientation in the sign. T8 LED sign tubes feature a heavy-duty aluminum heatsink that ensures the LEDs run cooler for longer. Also, their plastic and aluminum construction ensures less breakage as well.

    Stars and Stripes Lighting offers a constantly evolving selection of outdoor sign lights. Shop our complete collection of T8 LED sign tubes below!