T5HO High Bays

About T5HO High Bays

T5HO Fluorescent High Bays (T5 High Output) are linear light fixtures that will provide advanced fluorescent lighting in large spaces. T5HO High Bays are ideal for installation in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, industrial facilities, and other high-ceiling applications. The T5HO high bay is an excellent replacement for out-dated High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures; due to the fact that they offer lower energy consumption and better color rendering compared to the HID fixture. The T5HO fluorescent high bay is considered a very popular choice for areas with mid- to high-ceiling applications in a variety of industries.


The T5HO high bays are an excellent choice for shop lights and warehouse lights where they require a high level of brightness. T5HO fluorescent high bay fixtures also are compatible with occupancy sensors. The T5HO High Bays utilize T5HO fluorescent tubes instead of standard T8 fluorescent tubes, which allows you to achieve the same level of brightness with less bulbs saving you both time and money. The T5HO High Bays are more energy efficient and have longer lifespans than T8 High Bays; which makes it the second most popular choice for mid- to high-ceiling applications behind LED High Bays. There are some benefits of choosing the T5HO Fluorescent High Bay fixtures over the LED High Bay fixtures, with the most obvious being that they are more significantly affordable up front.

Stars and Stripes Lighting will help you choose the right T5HO High Bay fixture for your space, that meets your illumination needs and most importantly your budget. We have many different lumen options available, choose between a 20,000-lumen unit up to a 40,000-lumen that can replace a 1,000-watt HID from brands such as TechBrite and Texas Fluorescents. If you are looking for a T5HO high bay that needs to be either installed outside or an extreme environment, take a look at our T5HO Vapor Tight High Bays. If you need help deciding which fixture is appropriate for your application, just simply reach out and of our staff would be glad to give you a hand. Order your T5HO Fluorescent High Bays today from Stars and Stripes Lighting.


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