Saylite Lighting


Saylite manufacturers a wide-selection of commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures that will help suit your application's needs. They offer extremely fast turnaround times and versatility to provide customers the right LED lighting solution at affordable pricing.

In 1965, the company began under the name of Texas Fluorescents and was founded by Larry Sayah when he purchased a two-man fluorescent assembler. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he was able to grow the company from a well-known local favority to a nationally recognized brand. As the lighting industry shifted from fluorescent to LED technology so did Texas Fluorescents by re-branding under the name Saylite. One of the few qualities and statements many lighting manufacturers can make in today's market is that their products are manufactured here in the USA. Saylite takes pride in providing customers with quality LED lighting fixtures manufactured in Texas.

If you're in the market for quality and energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures for industrial and commercial settings, then Saylite should definitely be a brand you should consider. Their extensive selection of innovative products can be found installed in commercial buildings across the county. You can rest assured you are getting a top-quality product from Saylite with their generous 5-year warranties.