Replacement Glass Shades

Replacement Glass Shades


    Searching for the perfect replacement glass shade for your lights? Stars and Stripes Lighting has you covered. These shades provide an ideal decorative addition to home and office light fixtures. They help to diffuse and direct light to ensure the space will have adequate brightness, while providing the look and ambiance that meets your décor. With so many different styles, sizes and colors available, they can also provide an artful addition as well. Our selection of replacement lighting shades come from leading manufacturers such as Quorum Lighting, so they'll be the perfect fit for your current lights.

    Choose from several popular styles of glass shades to give your space a new look or to just simply replace a broken shade. We offer transitional frosted glass shades and traditional alabaster glass shades that look astonishing in a dining room or living room. You'll also find contemporary shades that range from geometric designs of squares and modern cylinders to art glass shades with patterns and bright colors. We also carry vintage, old world, schoolhouse and farmhouse light shades that coordinate with any home décor theme.

    You can even shop by color, shape and glass treatment. In addition to our frosted glass designs, we offer etched glass and marbled glass. When it comes to shapes, ovals and cylinders are popular for wall sconces, while conical and bell shades are typically used for area lights and table lamps. Tired of lights that are classic white? Add one of our amber or gold shades to breathe new life into your space.

    If your wanting to find quality lighting products and service, Stars and Stripes Lighting is the right place. Need more information on replacing that broken shade? Reach out to one of our lighting specialists today, we would be happy to help.

    Stars and Stripes Lighting offers a constantly evolving selection of glass globes for light fixtures. Shop our complete collection of replacement glass shades below!