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Portor Industry

Portor Industry is based in Los Angeles, California. The are focused on specializing in the manufacturing of the next generation of LED high bay fixtures, area lights, flat panels, and LED tubes. Portor utilizes a 15,000 square foot warehouse warehouse to supply the most advanced LED lighting products to clients across the United States. Their goal is to provide the top-quality, superior quality designed LED lights for commercial lighting applications.

Portor Industry LED high bays feature many different wattages, styles, and finishes. Their UFO LED high bay light is designed to withstand harsh conditions, with remarkable heat dissipation, dust-tight body, and resistance to wet exterior conditions. The linear LED high bay features 0-10V dimmable drivers with v-hooks and chains for suspension mount. All of Portor Industry's high bays come with Philips LED chips. These fixtures are great for application such as warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums.