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Pet Shelter Lighting

Lighting is an important factor for any location. When consider lighting for a pet shelter, there are several important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Since a pet shelter is for helping pets find a forever home, its important to have lighting that highlights the animals in the most appropriate way. Below are a few suggestions to help you choose the best pet shelter lighting for your location.

When it comes to a pet shelter, lighting matters for a variety of different reasons. People are more likely to adopt an animal that looks healthy and friendly. Having the right lighting installed will help the animal look like the right choice for the adopter.

If you have improper lighting installed, your animals will not only be hidden, but also looks like you may be trying to hide something else. A well-lit shelter shows that you’re not only transparent but you care about the environment the animals reside in, whereas a dimly lit shelter looks like you potentially have something to hide such as dirty cages, neglected animals, safety hazards, or other issues that could cause adopters to go elsewhere.

Having bright lights installed can encourage adoption. Even though lighting a pet shelter is not quite the same as normal retail lighting, the principle of how lighting effects decisions still applies.

When choosing lighting for pet shelters, where they are placed is more important than the type of light. Many shelter owners make the mistake of placing lights down the aisle of the cages, while ignoring the cages themselves. Doing this creates murky, shadowy appearance that makes the shelter seem less appealing, while also making the animals look less friendly. We recommend that you place lights above the cages so that the animals are properly highlighted. This will also help provide ample light for the aisle walkway.

If think that you still need additional walkway lighting, you could install some lower wattage lights or even tape lighting. However, you need to make sure the brightest lighting in the area is the light over the animals, which will help draw the focus to the animal instead of the walkway.

Implementing the correct type of lighting solution is also important. You need to avoid lights that produce excess heat, which can create an environment that is uncomfortable for your animals. For example, halogen and induction lighting often burn too hot for this type of setting. Incandescent burns at a cooler temperature but is not the best option for creating an evenly distributed light spread. They also are not efficient in terms of watt conversion to lumen output. The ideal choice would be fluorescent or even LED lighting solutions. These two options will provide you with better lumen output with lower watts, while creating a clean, crisp illumination to nicely highlight the animals.

Finding the right lighting that needs to be installed in your location does not need to be hard or confusing. Implementing some basic lighting layout ideas will ensure you get the best lighting for your pet shelter.