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Outdoor Lighting

More About Outdoor Lighting

Start saving time and many with our selection of outdoor LED lighting fixtures. LED  is significantly more energy efficient than traditional incandescent and HID models. They are also maintenance-free, since they have longer lifespans and do not require constant replacement materials to stay operational. Make your property safer and aesthetically pleasing with our selection of outdoor lighting.

LED canopy lights are versatile, durable and a perfect choice for illuminating outdoor applications. Utilizing LED technology, these canopy lights are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional HID models. They feature a 5-year warranty and up-to a 50,000 rated life span. They are great for applications such as gas stations, parking garages, buildings, walkways and entryways.

We have a large selection of LED dusk-to-dawn lights here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. Traditional HID dusk to dawn lighting consumes a great amount of energy and are extremely inefficient. They constantly have to have lamps and ballast replaced to stay up and running. LED dusk-to-dawn fixtures are great for barns, yard, walkway and parking lot applications.

LED flood lights are great at illuminating landscapes, building facades and signs. We have options to replace up-to 400W traditional HID flood lighting fixtures. You will be able have your choice in color temperatures including 3000K (soft white), 4000K (cool white) and 5000K (daylight). These lights last significantly longer as well, with rated lifespans that exceed 50,000 hours and warranties as long as 5 years.

Adding LED security lights help to keep your home or business safe and secure. They utilize motion sensors that automatically will turn the light on only when it detects movement within the vicinity. The feature LED technology that last significantly longer than previous halogen and HID models.

The use of LED wall packs are a must have to make sure your business is secure. These are normally installed on the sides of buildings, parking garages, walkways and other areas that are located around commercial buildings. Since they utilize LED technology, they can give business owners a piece of mind without having to worry about constantly replacing lamps and ballast, as they did with previous HID fixtures.

Stars and Stripes Lighting also has a large variety of budget-friendly landscape lighting available. By using step lighting, path and garden lights, well lights and flood lights, you'll be able to illuminate your gardens, pathways and patios with product featuring an elegant design while increasing the security and safety of your property. These lights are manufactured with weather-resistant materials to ensure they are able to last long-term and have non-conductive, corrosion-proof components for increased safety. Most of our LED exterior lighting products have lengthy warranties, giving you that added peace-of-mind they will last for years to come.