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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Are you looking to keep your home's exterior comfortable and cool during the most stifling and stagnant of days? If that's the case, outdoor ceiling fans are the perfect solution. They help to provide refreshing circulation in outdoor living areas when nature is not being cooperative. Outdoor ceiling fans are available in a wide range of styles. You can spruce up your outdoor theme with styles ranging from elegantly traditional to ultra-contemporary.

Outdoor ceiling fan motors and blades are specifically designed for certain elements and to withstand a variety of conditions. When it comes to selecting the right outdoor fan for your application, there is some important factors to take into consideration such as the fan's UL Rating and the various types of outdoor fans available.

Damp rated outdoor ceiling fans are intended for installation under any fully covered and protected outdoor location such as covered porches. Even though this type of fan is rated for use in a damp location, you'll need to pay close attention to how much water it will be exposed to.

Unlike a damp rated fan, a wet rated ceiling fan can be exposed to any type of moisture, either from weather or even your garden hose. These fans are highly versatile, which allows them to be installed just about anywhere.

With an assortment of outdoor ceiling fans available in a variety of styles and sizes at Stars and Stripes Lighting, you'll have plenty of options to keep air flowing year-round in any of your outdoor living areas. Finding the right ceiling fan for an outdoor location is determined how durable and resistant to the elements it is.