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Ostwin Lighting

Ostwin Lighting is an integrated LED manufacturer offering a wide variety of lighting needs, from lamps to indoor and outdoor fixtures. Ostwin Lighting products available at Stars and Stripes Lighting including ceiling lights, sconces, downlights, and outdoor lights.

You can count on quality, outstanding performance combined with energy efficiency when you install Ostwin Lighting. Compared to compact fluorescent lighting, Ostwin LEDs will help you save significantly on utility costs as well as lasting up to 10 times as long before requiring replacing. The energy efficiency and savings are even more when you use these LEDs as replacements for existing incandescent lights.

Ostwin Lighting makes it an easy process when upgrading to LED. With Ostwin LED Ceiling Lights you will have soft, diffused light output to illuminate your basement, work area or even laundry room. With Ostwin LED Downlight Kits available at Stars and Stripes Lighting, you will have a dimmable solution that is well-suited for indoor and outdoor recessed lighting.

The incredible lamp life of Ostwin Lighting products ranges from 35,000 hours to 50,000 hours. Get a three- or five-year warranty on Ostwin LED Lights with significant discounts when you buy from Stars and Stripes Lighting.