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MR16 LED Lamps

MR16 bulbs with halogen technology are commonly found in track lighting, recessed fixtures, and landscape lighting fixtures. These lamps normally consume an enormous amount of energy, emit a lot of heat and fail constantly. Upgrading them with LED MR16 bulbs is the most logical choice. LEDs consume over 50% less energy than traditional halogen lamps. MR16 LED Lamps that feature a GU5.3 bi-pin base and GU10 base. They have up-to 25,000 hour rated lifespans and 5 year warranties. Most of these lamps have earned Energy Star certification and provide the same light output as halogen versions. They also feature several different choices in color temperatures that range from 2700k warm white to 5000K daylight. These LED MR16 lamps also cut-down on overall replacement material costs since they do not have to be changed as frequently.