MR Light Bulbs

MR, also known as multifaceted reflector, bulbs are designed to with built-in pressed glass reflectors, which allows them to direct light at a precise angle. Originally MR bulbs were used in slide projectors, and then they started being used in landscape lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting and other applications that required precise directional lighting. These MR light bulbs come in two different sizes that are referred to as MR11 and MR16.

MR halogen bulbs were and still are very popular. Even though they are small, they provide an intense amount of controlled light. However, with the evolution of LED technology, the halogen version of these bulbs are seen less often. MR LED light bulbs have many advantages over their halogen counterparts. They provide as good, if not better quality of light that is 4 times more efficient. Their lifespan is also significantly longer as well, and do they do not generate near the amount of heat.

We offer an a wide range of MR LED bulb sizes to meet your directional lighting needs at Stars and Stripes Lighting. Our selection is manufactured by top industry brands such as Euri Lighting, GREEEN CREATIVE, and TCP, and are designed to offer superior and long-lasting performance. Order your MR LED bulbs today, or contact one of our lighting specialists to learn more.