Metal Halide Ballasts

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About Metal Halide Ballasts

Metal Halide Ballasts are the driving force for most of the commercial and industrial lighting world. There are many different choices from the classic design that can get confusing. is here to help with our large selection of Metal Halide ballast types to meet your lighting needs.

Commonly found in most applications which include factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and gymnasiums you will find the standard magnetic core and coil ballast. These ballast have a high heat tolerance and come in a wide array of voltages and configurations making it the most popular of metal halide ballasts. To help with installation and help you reduce labor costs, we carry a variety of pre-wired, wired capacitors and pre-wired ignitors.

Even though magnetic core and coil ballasts are very popular and inexpensive, it does not make them the right choice for all applications due to their weight, size, and noise levels. Most interior downlight in offices, schools, and retail require the F-Can Metal Halide Ballasts. With an F-Can metal halide ballasts all components are enclosed and insulated similar to a fluorescent ballast.

The core and coil and f-can ballasts are great, but the Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts is even better. With this ballast you get the best of both worlds, combining great versatility with seamless design, and fully integrated components. The Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts are very-efficient and also lightweight, small and have much better lumen maintenance, power regulation, and color consistency than other metal halide ballasts.

Complete your HID lighting repair with our selection of metal halide bulbs. Order your metal halide ballasts today, or if your not sure which style to go with feel free to contact us with any questions.