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Litetronics LED High Bays


Litetronics LED high bays fit virtually all commercial lighting applications by supplying superior lighting and energy savings over traditional HID high bays. Offering two different design choices that include LED round high bays and linear LED high bays, Litetronics helps to reduce energy costs by more than 55% compared to metal halide and high pressure sodium high bays. They offer instant-on and instant-off functionality with 0-10V dimming, that was previously unavailable with traditional HID fixtures.

The Litetronics round LED high bay features an IP65 rating enabling it to be installed in applications that are indoor or outdoor. Since this LED high bay has an IP65 rating, it can be installed in wet location environments or or areas that have extreme dirt and dust. These fixtures can be used as direct/inderect lighting or wall washing as well. They are virtually maintenance-free compared to traditional HID or fluorescent systems, with their rated life span lasting up-to 79,000 hours and a 7 year warranty. Installing these fixtures is a breeze, with its compact and lightweight design. These contemporary LED round high bays come in either black or white sleek finishes.

The Litetronics linear LED high bay offers the flexibility to address a number of high ceiling applications. The installed diffuser lens, helps to deliver bright uniform light. They are designed for multiple mounting options that include pendant, chain or adjustable cable. Compared to traditional HID and fluorescent systems, these LED high bays have a rated life span of up-to 100,000 hours with a 10 year warranty. The 325 watt linear LED high bay can be installed in an application with ceiling heights above 50 feet, making it an ideal choice to replace traditional 1000 watt HID fixtures. They work great with daylighting and proximity sensors, and also feature 0-10V dimming. Installing these linear LED high bay fixtures, gives you a maintenance-free choice with no light depreciation issues.

Whether you are replacing outdated high bays or have a new construction project, Litetronics is a great choice with their long life spans and unmatched warranties. The Litetronics round LED high bays and linear LED high bays also offer 480V options, unlike other manufacturers. If you need further information about Litetronics LED High Bay Lights, feel free to contact one of our customer service specialists.