Light Meters

Light meters are electronic measuring devices that are used to monitor the illumination level of an area. They are small in size, simple to operate and come equipped with an easy-to-read lighting screen. Light meter devices have a heavy-duty housing that protects the light sensor inside from damage, and are used for measuring brightness in lux (lx), foot candles (fc) or candela per quare meter (cd/m²) measuring units. Measuring the light intensity with a light meter is highly important in commercial settings due to safety concerns. Light measurement also helps determine the best location and angle when installing and adjusting lighting fixtures.

LED Light Meter 0-20,000 FC

Morris Products


High Precision 0-200,000 Lux(20,000 FC) +/-3% Range Auto & Manual range switching Inquiry function for max & min values Data hold function Peak Value Measurement Zero Calibration Function Relative Value Measurement 3-1/2" LCD Display FC/LUX Conversion Function Out of Range...