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LED Wraparound Fixtures

About Wrap Fixtures

LED Wraparound Fixtures are a energy efficient lighting solution that not only provides energy efficiency but have longer life spans than traditional fluorescent fixtures. These fixtures mount to the surface of a ceiling and deliver light output from all-around the lens instead of only projecting the light downward. We have wrap lights that are LED ready and LED integrated with a range of color temperatures and lumen outputs. LEDs consume less energy and have longer lifespans than fluorescent systems. They come in 2 foot, 4 foot and 8 foot lengths that will help accommodate a variety of application requirements. We have dimming capable options that wasn't available on traditional models. Most of our wraps are DLC and DLC Premium Listed making them eligible for commercial rebate incentives. LED Wraparound Fixtures are great for garages, stairwells, and many other applications that require a lensed fixture.