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Keep your property safe and secure with our selection of LED wall packs available at Stars and Stripes Lighting. Ideal for replacing old HID and fluorescent fixtures with the same footprint, LED wall packs provide an energy-efficient lighting solution that is long-lasting, even under harsh weather elements. These exterior fixtures are used in a variety of applications like shopping centers, office buildings, parking garages, and other areas with high vehicle and foot traffic. All of our LED wall packs feature the most up-to-date LED light engines for greater efficiency, lumen output and thermal management, while staying with their traditional style body or other housing and mounting options.

All of the LED wall packs we carry at Stars and Stripes Lighting are energy efficient and integrated with the most advanced features. We carry LED wall packs with different functionalities, wattages, and voltages, so you can find a solution that meets your lighting needs.

Stars and Stripes Lighting carries an ever evolving selection of wall pack lights for sale. Shop below for best LED Wall Packs at the best pricing online: