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LED Volumetric Troffers

Designed to provide powerful LED lighting technology with a modern design, LED volumetric troffers provide an aesthetically pleasing upgrade over traditional fluorescent fixtures. They feature a central frosted polycarbonate lens that delivers smooth, uniform LED light without creating shadows or hotspots, allowing the light to evenly bounce off the curved fixture body. These fixtures provide indirect lighting, which makes them ideal for areas such as modern offices where excess glare can create problems or issues. They also help to add volume to the rooms where they're installed by throwing light out higher up on the walls throughout the space, reducing the cave effect that traditional troffers create. With the incorporated LED technology, volumetric LED troffers can reduce energy consumption by 55%.

Our selection of LED volumetric troffers come with a range of options, whether you're looking for powerful performance or reduced energy consumption. You'll find top industry brands that are known for their trusted quality of highest standards. Many come with 5, 7, and 10-year warranties to back the life of the fixture. Unlike traditional fluorescent troffers, LED lamps operate at a lower temperature while producing higher lumen outputs without affect the comfort level of the application with unwanted warmth. LED volumetric troffers are great for applications like educational facilities, offices, retail, and hospitality areas.