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LED vapor tight strips are built-tough, which allows them to resist moisture, dust, or anything else nature or man can throw at them. They help provide low-cost, energy efficient lighting in the most extreme conditions. Our selection of LEDs feature industrial-grade, vapor-tight acrylic lenses that deliver pure, clean light. These linear LED vapor tight strip lights are sealed with silicone for extra protection from nature's nastiest conditions.

Linear LED vapor tight strip lights are available in 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot lengths. They are made for use in wet or damp locations thanks to their innovative design that features well-gasketed lenses to prevent dust, water, chemicals, or other debris from penetrating the seal that protects the internal LEDs of the fixture. With the use of LED lamps, you get a better return on utility costs every month because these lamps produce a higher lumen output with less wattage required than other lamps using a higher wattage to achieve the same result. Ideal for lighting places prone to dampness, dust, or dirt, vapor tight light strips are incredibly popular in restaurant overhangs, parking garages, livestock barns, car washes, swimming pool areas, bakeries, stairwells, bakeries and food-processing facilities. These strip lights are great for use in vitally any industrial or commercial application.

We offer linear LED vapor tight strip lights to suit your needs and budget. With trusted brands such as Litetronics, Saylite, and SLG Lighting available, your can rest assured you are getting a quality product built with the highest standards that will provide you with years of reliable use. Most of our linear LED vapor tight strip lights are backed with lengthly warranties of up-to 10 years to ensure you have long-lasting light in your location.

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