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LED Vapor Tight High Bays

LED vapor tight high bays are an ideal solution for areas that have tough environmental conditions such as humid atmospheres and damp rooms. These fixtures provide a durable lighting source that is designed to withstand the toughest of environments and provide the necessary illumination your space requires, without being affected by uncontrollable moisture and other hazardous elements.

Vapor tight LED high bay fixtures operate just like traditional high bays, they provide high-powered illumination over wide areas. Designed to be installed in high ceiling applications, these high bays are perfect for large spaces and high ceilings commonly located in warehouses and industrial spaces. With their vapor-tight construction, an extra level of protection so you do not have to worry about corrosion, rust, or water damage, giving you a peace of mind that your light fixture will perform at its peak level every time when called upon. Each LED vapor tight high bay is engineered and has been tested in the most extreme conditions, including harsh weather conditions. So no matter if you install it in a garage or outside in the barn, you can rest assured these vapor tight high bay fixtures will provide beautiful, crisp light output for years to come.

We offer vapor tight LED high bays that come in different sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose how much light your space truly needs. Compared to traditional high bays, these vapor-tights can be used in wet or dirty locations. The main difference is that vapor tight LED high bays are sealed to block and repel foreign matter from entering the fixture. They can also known as a wash-down high bay, meaning they can be consistently cleaned with a hose or pressure washer, keeping your fixtures looking new. These fixtures are great for both indoor and outdoor applications where the environment can present damp/wet conditions or contaminants can be found. With their unique design, these fixtures are perfect for applications like parking garages, car washes, cold storage facilities, food processing plants, equine facilities, barns, and riding arenas.

We carry nothing but high quality LED vapor tight high bays here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. All of our high bay vapor tight light fixtures are IP65 rated, meaning they can be installed in any area, without the worry of the fixture breaking down over time. Using cutting-edge LED technology, our vapor tight high bay LED fixtures provide an energy-efficient light source that is reliable, performing for years with no maintenance required. Backed with a five-year warranty, they are designed to operate in very-cold temperatures.