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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

About Vapor Tight Fixtures

Many commercial and industrial building areas have uncontrollable elements such as water, heat, humidity, and debris that could damage everyday lighting fixtures. Even though these issues are present, it does not mean that there is no solution available. Stars and Stripes Lighting's Vapor Tight LED fixtures feature a completely sealed design with an impact resistant lens, which helps essentially eliminate any harm these harsh elements could cause to their internal light source, thus allowing them to be installed in a variety of application settings. An outdoor setting commonly faces changing weather elements that can affect a lighting fixtures' performance and longevity, whereas an indoor setting presents human created obstacles such as a cold storage environment. LED vapor tight and vapor proof lighting fixtures are the do-it-all or Swiss army knife in lighting, since they are rated for wet location environments and the fact LEDs love colder climates. They are also protected against rust and corrosion. Besides the fact these fixtures a energy-efficient and long-lasting, they also help to save you money long term since they do not present replacement parts issues like traditional fixtures. They also feature powerful light output, so you do not have to sacrifice illumination due to the fear of the uncontrollable elements that were previously described.

Linear LED vapor tight lights typically come in 2 ft, 4 ft and 8 ft fixture lengths. Stars and Stripes Lighting carries a various inventory of linear LED vapor tight fixtures that meet the needs of damp and wet location applications. These fixtures have an IP rating of IP-65, IP-66 and IP-67. We also stock LED vapor tight lights that are NSF splash zone rated for use in food service applications. These LED linear fixtures feature a high-impact clear or frosted lens that helps keep the fixture's internals protected. Our LED vapor tight strip lights are ideal for use in car washes, stairwells, canopies, cold storage rooms or warehouses, garage lighting, wash bays and stall lighting.

If you're looking for a something that will illuminate a large area where moisture or dust may be a concern, then vapor tight LED high bays are a great solution. With an ingress protection rating of IP66 or IP67, vapor proof high bays are well-protected and constructed with heavy-duty materials. LED vapor proof high bays can also be hosed-down with water jets, coupled with the fact they are dirt and dust resistant, makes LED vapor tight high bay lights an ideal solution for a variety of commercial lighting applications. Stars and Stripes Lighting carries LED vapor tight high bay fixtures that have built-in dedicated LED boards or ready for LED tubes. LED vapor tight high bays are ideal for wet location applications, or other areas including warehouses, manufacturing and food processing facilities. 

    We carry nothing but high quality vapor tight lights here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. All of our vapor tight light fixtures are IP65 rated, meaning they can be installed in any area, without the worry of the fixture breaking down over time. Using cutting-edge LED technology, our vapor tight lighting fixtures provide an energy-efficient light source that is reliable, performing for years with no maintenance required. Backed with a five-year warranty, they are designed to operate in very-cold temperatures.