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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

Many commercial and industrial building areas have uncontrollable elements such as water, heat, humidity, and debris that could damage everyday lighting fixtures. Even though these issues are present, it does not mean that there is no solution available. Vapor tight fixtures feature a completely sealed design with an impact resistant lens, which helps essentially eliminate any harm these harsh elements could cause to their internal light source, thus allowing them to be installed in a variety of application settings. An outdoor setting commonly faces changing weather elements that can affect a lighting fixtures' performance and longevity, whereas an indoor setting presents human created obstacles such as a cold storage environment. With incorporated LED technology, vapor tight light fixtures are the do-it-all or Swiss army knife in lighting, since they are rated for wet location environments and the fact LEDs love colder climates. They are also protected against rust and corrosion. Besides the fact these fixtures a energy-efficient and long-lasting, they also help to save you money long term since they do not present replacement parts issues like traditional fixtures. They also feature powerful light output, so you do not have to sacrifice illumination due to the fear of the uncontrollable elements that were previously described.

Now that we covered what benefits vapor tight fixtures with LED technology can provide, the next step is to figure out which style or type fits best with your application. High bay vapor tight fixtures are the best option for large indoor areas with mid- to high-ceiling heights where outside influences are present. They help to protect the lights internals, while delivering the powerful light output your space needs. Linear vapor tight fixtures work best in with low- to mid-ceiling heights that need a lighting solution that will not succumb to its environment. LED vapor tight lighting is ideal for installation in car washes, wash bays, stall lighting, manufacturing facilities, and food processing plants. Our selection of wet location fixtures are constructed with the highest-quality materials and designed to give you a long-lasting lighting solution for years to come.