LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures - Linear Strips and High Bays

LED Vapor Tight Fixtures are a great choice for illuminating areas that require waterproof lighting. For a fixture to be classified as vapor tight, it must be completely sealed from moisture and other foreign elements. Often fixtures that classified as vapor tight it will have an IP rating (ingress protection rating or international protection rating), which indicates dust and water-sealing effectiveness. An IP65 rating indicates that a fixture is protected against low-pressure water, dust and dirt. Fixtures that have an IP66 rating means that it is water resistant against high-pressure water, dust and dirt. For a fixture to achieve an IP67 rating, it must be protected and sealed for complete water submersion. These lights are a great choice for car washes, wash bays, stall lighting, manufacturing facilities, food processing and other applications where high moisture, dust, dirt and sand may be present.

LED Vapor Tight Strip fixtures are a great choice for general illumination in areas where fixtures need to be completely sealed. They are constructed with a polycarbonate lens and rugged body to combat harsh environment conditions. They come in 2 foot, 4 foot and 8 foot lengths that will give an application where they are installed the appropriate lighting needed. These lights are a maintenance-free choice with their long lifespans and since they do not require constant lamp and ballast replacement compared to traditional fluorescent systems. They work great for horse stall lighting, coolers, car washes and other areas where excessive moisture and dirt may be present.

Applications that have high ceilings in areas where excessive moisture and dirt may be present that need to be illuminated with LED Vapor Tight High Bays. Vapor Tight High Bays provide a great amount of illumination with its ability to spread light coverage over large areas. These units are completely sealed and can be hosed down for cleaning. Stars and Stripes Lighting has LED T8 ready and LED integrated models available with different wattages and color temperatures to suit an applications needs. They are a great choice to illuminate car washes, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities and areas where food prep is required.

Most of our LED Vapor Tight Fixtures are DLC and DLC Premium listed which qualify them to receive utility rebates. Some even feature 0-10V dimming to adjust your light output to the appropriate levels that are needed.