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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Browse our complete line of under cabinet lighting for indoor residential and commercial spaces that includes LED puck lights, LED tape lights, and under cabinet LED strip lights. LED under cabinet lighting is very versatile, which makes it ideal for applications like kitchen cabinet lighting, under counter lighting, task lighting, cove lighting, and shelf lighting. Under counter LED lights typically come in three decorative color finishes that include bronze, brushed nickel and white, with 8 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch lengths.

About LED Under Cabinet Fixtures

Dimmable LED under cabinet lighting comes in variety of styles that run on 120V line voltage or 12V and 24V low voltage. Select from LED puck lights, LED hardwired under cabinet lighting, color changing LED strip lights, or low voltage under cabinet lighting. LED under cabinet lighting helps to deliver an efficiently bright and uniform light output to indoor spaces for both residential and commercial applications like display cases, kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, coves, shelves and bars. You can also use LED under cabinet strip lighting as cove lighting to make your area standout.

LED Puck Lights

LED puck lights are round disk-shaped lights that are designed to address under cabinet lighting in cabinet fixtures, shelves and display cases. Under cabinet puck lighting can be seamlessly installed in areas with limited space such as jewelry cases, coves and closets. Our 12V LED puck lights can be chained together for a continuous flow of light that is completely dimmable. These recessed puck lights do not produce any heat that could potentially harm displays or artwork. Their low-profile design makes them perfect for utility lighting. LED puck lights deliver a smooth and uniform light output that is significantly more efficient than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Choose from various color finishes like black, bronze, brushed nickel and white to compliment the design of your space.

LED Light Bars

LED light bars are line voltage under cabinet lighting that is ideal for kitchen counters and cabinet fixtures, vanities, bathrooms and display cases. These under cabinet LED light bars are great for shelf lighting, kitchen lighting and even task lighting in commercial applications like retail stores, bars and restaurants. The majority under counter LED light strips feature a high CRI, so colors show more true to their form and appear more natural under clean, uniform light. 120V LED strip lights come in various lengths that include 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch. LED bar strip lights are linkable using end-to-end connectors to create a continuous flow of lighting and are dimmable with compatible LED dimmers, making them great for use in ceiling coves.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Hardwired

Hardwired under cabinet lighting are 120V LED under cabinet lighting fixtures that can be installed in two ways, plug-in or direct wire. Our selection of 120V under cabinet lighting can be outfitted with a cord and plug that inserts directly into a wall outlet, or can be hardwired through a junction box or electrical box. Both direct wire and plug-in under cabinet lighting options are dimmable with the use of compatible LED dimmers. These under counter strip lights are great for task lighting and shelf lighting. Choose from a generous selection of finishes that include bronze, brushed nickel and white to coordinate with the design of counter, cabinets and display cases. These LED cabinet strip lights are also linkable from end to end without requiring multiple power supplies, making them a great option for areas that require long continuous runs of light.