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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED under cabinet lighting is one the most useful and convenient applications when it comes to lighting on the market today. Not only does it help improve the look of a kitchen or workspace, it also helps add optimal task illumination. As the name implies, LED under cabinet lighting refers to light fixtures that are installed underneath a cabinet, typically upper wall. These accent fixtures are unobtrusive, seamlessly blending in with the existing decor in kitchens. We offer everything you need to implement a fully functional LED under cabinet lighting system. If you currently have an outdated system, now is the perfect to time to switch over to LED. We carry options from some of the industries most trusted brands like American Lighting and ELCO Lighting.

LED under cabinet task lighting is not only limited to kitchens, this type of accent lighting is perfect for home offices, workbenches, garages, craft rooms, and more. For instance, puck lights can function as display lighting for retail and other commercial applications. Over the years, puck lights have been a very popular option for under cabinet lighting, due to their compact size and easy placement. Our selection of LED puck fixtures can be installed onto the underside of cabinets, either recessed or surface mounted. They help add a dramatic look that is similar to a spotlight, and also can be used as display lighting in shelving units and glass cabinets.

Today, most consumers prefer the look of LED linear fixtures and light bars, due to the fact traditional linear styles and light bars create a more even and smooth light distribution. The majority of LED linear and light bar systems are linkable, which allow you to daisy-chain multiple bars together (end-to-end or in jumps) that seamlessly integrate with any custom kitchen cabinet configuration, including L-shaped and cabinets of varying lengths and displays, niche areas, and many other accent lighting applications. The advantages of LED are numbers, regardless if you choose to go with an LED puck light, traditional linear, or light bar.

Keep in mind, LED under cabinet fixtures should only be one element of your kitchen's overall lighting scheme. Considered a blended lighting layout comprised of recessed downlighting, pendants, or even wall sconces. With so many styles and options available, choosing the right fixtures can seem overwhelming. Whether its the length or diameter to color temperature and CRI, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before making your decision on purchasing LED under cabinet lighting. That's why were here to help. Our knowledgeable lighting specialists can help answer all your questions, make fixture suggestions, design a custom layout, or provide you with a quote at no cost.