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LED Tape Lights

LED tape lights, also commonly referred to as flexible strip lights, are designed for use as under cabinet lighting or accent lighting around residential and commercial spaces. The brightness of LED tape lights is typically measured in lumens per foot. LED tape lights are available in rolls or reels like 16 feet and 100 feet, or can be field cuttable to the desired length to meet the needs of your space. For applications like task lighting, LED strip lights are available in warm white 2700K and 3000K or cool white 4000K and 5000K colors. For decorative lighting applications, RGB LED tape lights are typically used around bars, restaurants and patios. For wet location areas like pools and gardens, 24V LED tape lights are most suitable since they are IP54 or IP65 rated. Choose from a wide selection of white LED strip lights and color changing LED strip lights to illuminate your residential or commercial application.

LED Tape Lights

White LED tape lights are the ideal solution for providing bright accent lighting for areas such as kitchen counters, coves and bathrooms. A warm white LED ribbon light helps create a comfortable and inviting ambiance especially during the night. This is why 2700K LED strip lights, 3000K LED tape lights and 35000K LED tape lights are most suitable for residential under cabinet lighting and cove lighting. Cool white LED ribbon lights are designed more for task lighting applications, which is why 4000K LED ribbon lights and 5000K LED strip lights are the most appropriate for commercial applications. LED tape lights are available in two different lumen outputs, standard output LED tape lights and high output LED tape lights can be installed in a wide range of under cabinet lighting applications that require different levels of brightness. For areas that need longer runs like coves, soffits or pools, 24V LED tape lights are the best solution since they do not suffer from voltage drop at the end of the run. When it comes to illuminating outdoor applications, LED flexible strip lights need to have a wet location rating such as IP54 or IP65.

RGB LED Tape Lights

RGB LED tape lights help to deliver a full spectrum of colors, which helps to create more custom or decorative under cabinet lighting style. Applications like clubs, restaurants and pools typically incorporate 12V and 24V RGB LED tape lights are part of their design. These LED strip lights feature red, blue and green color-changing LED chips to create a full spectrum effect. 12V RGB LED tape lights are ideal for areas that need to have field cuttable custom lengths. RGB LED ribbon lights require a compatible RGB remote controller to change the color of the LED chips or create a custom design pattern. Color-changing LED tape lights are also linkable for applications that require longer runs like eave lighting and cove lighting around homes or buildings. LED tape lights are super-easy to install with adhesive tape or mounting accessories like brackets, clips and channels. There are also RGB LED tape lights referred to as RGB+W or RGBW available, which has a white LED as the fourth chip to add a warm white or cool white color.