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LED T8 U-Bend Lamps

About LED T8 U-Bend Lamps

LED T8 U-Bend Lamps is a smart upgrade to traditional fluorescent versions. LEDs are extremely more energy efficient with their long lifespans and extended warranties. U-Bend T8 Lamps use almost 50% less energy than previous fluorescent models. They come in two different technologies that include direct wire and ballast compatible. Direct wire LED U-Bend T8 Lamps do not require a ballast to operate; they have a built-in integral driver that operates directly on line voltage. Ballast compatible models, also known as plug-and-play, simply run off of the existing electronic ballast located within the fixture. Before attempting installation of these lamps, make sure that your existing ballast is compatible with the LED T8 U-Bend Lamp. One of the best features of LED is that they are virtually maintenance-free, with most lifespans that exceed 50,000. They come in different color temperatures that have better color rendering than fluorescent lamps.