LED T8 Lamps

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LED T8 Lamps are a great replacement for existing fluorescent tubes that are commonly found in many different types of fixtures located in commercial building applications. They are more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps, with longer lifespans and extended warranties. Most feature warranties up-to 5 years with rated hours than can exceed 50,000. They also have better color rendering and require less maintenance since they do not have to be changed as frequently. LED tubes normally consume less than 50% less energy than fluorescent. They have instant-on technology and work great in cold climates. There are three common types of LED T8 bulbs that include direct wire, ballast compatible and hybrid. They come in several different lengths that include 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot and 8 foot.

T8 LED Lamps that incorporate direct wire technology contain an integral built-in drive to power the LEDs. They operate directly off of line voltage that flows through the fixtures lamp holders. These have typically been the most popular models since they do not require a ballast to operate. When these LED lamps are used they require that the ballast be removed from the fixture. Traditionally direct wire lamps were wired at only one end and required the use of non-shunted sockets, known as single end wired LED T8 lamps. Now opposing end wired LED T8 lamps exist, that operate in fixtures with shunted and non-shunted sockets. The reason these lamps are preferred by installers and end-users is that when they eventually fail or burn-out, they just simply need to be replaced by another with no ballast or driver replacement required.

Ballast compatible (plug-and-play) T8 LED lamps simply run of the fixtures existing ballast, so there is no re-wiring necessary. Even though these fixtures are classified as ballast compatible does not mean they will operate on all ballast. Be sure to check out our ballast compatibility link located within the product downloads header on each product page.

If your unsure with which lamp to choose, then you can't go wrong with Hybrid T8 LED Lamps. These can use both installation methods, it can be a plug-and-play model or direct wire version. This is one of the newest preferred and most popular choice in T8 LED lamps since one the ballast runs out, you can simply bypass the ballast and your back up and running. Like the ballast compatible models be sure to check out the ballast compatibility link located on the product page if you intend to use that method for installation.