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LED Strip Light Fixtures


Having reliable, bright strip light fixtures are a must-have in workshops, garages, utility and other commercial applications. In the past, these spaces were typically outfitted with linear fluorescent fixtures. However, the light provided from the lamps in these fixtures begin to dim overtime, affecting the appearance of color. Not to mention the buzzing and flickering that becomes more apparent they longer they're installed. A great way to avoid these issues is by updating and upgrading to LED strip light fixtures, which will also give your a more energy efficient lighting system and reduce energy bills.

The selection of ceiling LED strip lights available at Stars and Stripes Lighting are a cost-effective solution to replacing outdated incandescent or HID light fixtures with a more-efficient solution that is environmentally friendly. Get top brands such as Keystone, Litetronics, and Saylite, where you can select from various wattages, input voltages, or a choice of color temperatures that includes 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Commercial LED strip fixtures are rated to provide up to 110,000 hours of lamp life, depending on which style you choose to go with. Our strip lights can be used in any interior or exterior application needing damp location rated fixtures.

LED strip light fixtures provide a versatile lighting option when it comes to illuminating commercial and residential applications, due to the fact they can be installed in various areas. For instance, 4 foot LED strip light fixtures are a great alternative to linear fluorescents, making them perfect for retail and grocery stores. Whereas, 8 foot LED strip light fixtures work best in utility and garage lighting applications. These are great when used as LED garage lights because they can light up one car or multiple car garages in professional garages or in homes.

Whether you are looking at upgrading your own lighting system or a clients, you want to make sure your workspace is properly fitted for the type of tasks you are trying to complete. It is crucial to have even, consistent light throughout a space where people are working with their hands and doing detail-oriented tasks. Stars and Stripes Lighting has dealt with plenty of customers in the past with garages or shops that did not have enough fixtures to properly illuminate their space. That's why our lighting experts can provide you with a layout to ensure you have enough illuminance needed for your space.

We offer a diverse selection of commercial LED strip light fixtures to meet your needs. Browse offerings from top-rated brands in the industry today such as GREEN Creative, Keystone Technologies, Litetronics, Saylite, and more for products you can count-on for years to come. We have LED strip light fixtures with multiple options available such as various wattages, voltages, and color temperatures to choose from, so you get the fixture that's absolutely perfect for your job.