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LED Shop Lights and Strip Fixtures

LED Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights and Strip Fixtures are a great choice for illuminating work shops, garages, warehouses, storage facilities, and other areas that require an abundance of light output. Our selection of LED Shop Lights are an environmentally friendly and budget-conscious solution to replacing outdated incandescent or HID light fixtures. LED Shop Lights and Strip Fixtures come on to full brightness instantly so there is no warm up time like traditional fixtures. These fixtures come with a up-to a 10 year warranty so it will help give you a peace of mind with no replacement maintenance materials to purchase. LED Shop Lights and Strip Fixtures are very flexible with their installation capabilities, they can either be surface mounted or suspended with either chain or aircraft cable hangers. We carry two types of LED Shop Lights and Strip Fixtures. The first being a dedicated LED fixture and the other being LED ready fixture. Both have their own unique characteristics.

Advantages of Dedicated LED or LED Ready Fixtures

Dedicated LED fixtures use diodes for their light output, so there is no bulbs or lamps. Generally these lights will produce more light with higher lumen packages available with an assortment of color temperatures and color tones. They typically have a longer lifespan with some lasting over 100,000-hours of operation. and are powered by a driver for the LEDs. These fixtures are designed to produce a certain color with excellent consistency. They allow you to enjoy extended energy-savings for years to come, without the worry of having to maintenance them.

Then there is LED ready fixtures, also known as LED Ready T8 strip fixtures. These come with no ballast and pre-wired for use in 120-277V applications. They come outfitted with non-shunted sockets and are ready for LED T8 lamps. We have a great selection of these T8 strip fixtures from TechBrite. They come in a variety of lengths that include 24-inches, 48-inches, and 96-inches. If you decide to go this route instead, you will have the freedom to use which T8 lamp you want with the color temperature that best suits your needs. It will help give you the feel of a customized lighting system, with your design input. They are great for use in workshop, garage, storage, basement, and warehouse applications.