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LED Ready T8 Vapor Tight Fixtures

Designed with vapor-tight components that seal out moisture, dust, and humidity, T8 vapor-tight light fixtures are a very popular choice for commercial lighting in barns, manufacturing facilities, parking garages and other demanding areas where moisture and debris is a ferns. Stars and Stripes Lighting offers a collection of LED-ready T8 vapor tights that provide bright light output, the maximum benefits of LED and a durable, rugged housing that will endure indoors and out. These LED vapor-tight fixture provide a cost-effective solution if you're looking to upgrade your commercial lighting to LED.

You can install your own LED bulbs with these uniquely designed LED T8 fixtures. With no ballast installed, the LEDs are powered by line voltage, so they will work with the majority of LED T8 lamps on the market. All of our vapor-tight lights are constructed with super-rugged components to withstand demanding indoor and outdoor environments. We offer UL listed wet location T8 LED fixtures in our collection and one-, two, three-, four- and six-lamp LED T8 vapor-tight fixtures that will work in a wide range of environments and facilities. Shop for styles with included lamps that come in varying color temperatures and lumen options to match your space's lighting requirements.