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LED Parking Lot / Street Lights

Parking lot light fixtures describe outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles that are located in parking lots, driveways and along streets. These fixtures provide exterior illumination for vehicle and pedestrian use. It is not uncommon to see more than one fixture installed on a single pole, with their mounting methods varying significantly. Most parking lot lighting fixtures are equipped with older HID technology. Depending on the type of HID lamp your fixtures have, their performance vary significantly.

Upgrading existing outdoor lighting fixtures to LED or installing them on new construction projects provides some excellent benefits. LED parking lot lights offer a big improvement over older options, the provide a higher level illumination and increased visibility, and operate at lower wattages often resulting in a 40%-60% reduction in energy consumption, without sacrificing any light output. You will also get a reduction in overall maintenance cost, LED outdoor parking lot fixtures can be found with lamp life ratings of as high as 100,000 hours. Whereas, HID lamps begin to fade and color shift during the first three-years of installation, LED bulbs maintain their intensity and color temperature throughout the fixtures life. With warranties up to 10-years, your LED parking lot lighting will provide a well-lit environment, helping to increase overall safety and security.

Our great collection of LED parking lot lights have a variety of customizable options to choose from, including various wattages, lumens, voltages, and dimensions to ensure you'll find the perfect fit for your application. Regardless of whether you are installing a brand new system or upgrading older fixtures, we have an LED parking lot or street light fixture that will meet the needs of your outdoor area.

What are LED Parking Lot / Street Lights?

LED parking lot and street lights are high-powered light fixtures that are typically mounted on the top of light poles. As their name implies, these durable and weather resistant fixtures are designed to provide parking lots, sidewalks, streets and other outdoor areas with illumination.

Where are LED Parking Lot / Street Lights used?

There are a range of different applications suitable for LED parking lot and street lights. These fixtures can be placed in outdoor parking lots or along roadways, they also can be used to provide lighting to parks, playgrounds and sidewalks. Also, these post top fixtures can be used along walkways and paths in parks as well. Here are some more examples of where LED parking lot and street lights can be used:

What are the different types of LED Parking Lot / Street Lights?

LED parking lot and street lights are available in several different mounting types that include arm mount, slip-fitter mount and yoke mount

  • Arm mount provides the cleanest look and is bolted straight to a pole or wall. This mounting type does not require an additional adapter.
  • Slip-fitter mount is designed to slide over a standard pole that is up to 2 3/8 inches in diameter. The head is adjustable, which enables the light to be directed to a specific area or target. This mounting type requires bolts to secure it to the pole.
  • Yoke mount is highly functional and works great in certain applications. The downside is that due to the weight of some fixtures, the yoke mount may not be able to support the fixture. Even though there are small parking lot and street lights are only 12 pounds, some can exceed 35 pounds and can put strain on the yoke mount. This mounting type is perfect if mounted to a solid metal surface, otherwise the use of a slip-fitter mount would be more appropriate.

What are the benefits of LED Parking Lot / Street Lights?

There are a variety of benefits you'll get with LED parking lot and street lights. These fixtures are constructed with die-cast metal housings to withstand rugged outdoor conditions and have polycarbonate lenses to protect the internal light source. Unlike comparable HID options, they come on instantly when power up and do not flicker. Also, LED does not generate as much heat as high intensity discharge lamps and the light output does not degrade over time. They are significantly more efficient and have a much longer useful life.