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More About LED PAR Bulbs

LED PAR lamps are great for use in a variety of applications. Featuring a sleek design with a glass face, they have the same look and feel of traditional halogen reflectors with the benefits of LED technology, such as increased energy efficiency and longer lifespans of up to 25,000 hours. Our selection of LED PAR lamps at Stars and Stripes Lighting deliver smooth, uniform illumination that is fully dimmable. They have excellent color consistency and come in multiple beam angles with an array of color temperature options, making them perfect for applications such as recessed lighting, track lighting and outdoor security lighting.

LED PAR lamps come in a variety of beam angles that include:

  • 15º Spot
  • 25º Narrow Flood
  • 40º Flood


Compared to their halogen predecessor, PAR16 LED lamps are significantly more efficient and last several times longer. They also generate less heat, cutting down on HVAC costs during the warmer months of the year. PAR16 LED bulbs are the smallest of the reflectors with a maximum diameter of only 2-inches, make them an ideal option for track lighting, recessed lighting, display lighting, and pendant lighting. They are also commonly found in museums and art galleries, and are small enough to be used in antique cabinets or under-cabinet lighting. 


Designed to be a direct replacement for inefficient halogen models, PAR20 LED lamps allow you a little bit more flexibilty in selecting the color of light output your space will have. Traditional halogen bulbs only came in a 3000K color temperature, giving you only one option no matter what space they were being installed in. PAR20 LED bulbs come in multiple color temperatures, ranging from very warm white 2400K through daylight 5000K. With a high color temperature option available, LED PAR20 lamps help to make objects stand out more, making them ideal for use in display or track lighting. However, if you are just looking for accent or ambient lighting, lower color temperatures such as 2700K or 3000K would be more appropriate.

PAR30 Short Neck LED

We carry an extensive inventory of PAR30 short neck LED lamps at Stars and Stripes Lighting to help address the needs of any application. Featuring an incredible lamp life, lasting as many as 25,000 hours, these lamps are ideal replacements for short-life halogens. They offer low maintenance combined with super-efficiency, giving you a maintenance-free lighting system for years to come. PAR30 short neck LEDs come in an array of color temperature and wattage options, making them ideal for recessed lights, track lights, and outdoor floodlights.

PAR30 Long Neck LED

PAR30 long neck LED lamps is the most used and most recognized of the PAR shaped lamps. Commonly found in recessed can lights, these lamps provide a significantly longer light source than traditional halogen bulbs. They produce a bright, maintenance-free light output that is perfect for residential and commercial lighting applications. PAR30 long neck LED bulbs are fully dimmable, and come in a generous selection of color temperatures ranging from warm white to daylight. Our selection of PAR30 LED lamps will provide you with a bright, long-lasting lamp with adjustable lumen output that you can count on for years.


Great for exterior security floodlights and high ceilings, PAR38 LED lamps boast up to 25,000 hours of maintenance-free lighting. With several color temperature and wattage options available, our selection of PAR38 LED bulbs will give you the perfect light your space needs. With these PAR38 LEDs energy consumption is significantly decreased along with the need of constant lamp replacements. Operating at a cooler temperature than halogen, LED light bulbs will help significantly reduce HVAC costs during the summer time.