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LED Net Lights

If you have large spaces that need to be covered in your outdoor decorating, LED net lights are the perfect solution. They provide a quick and energy efficient way to easily cover large spaces. These low-wattage LED lights allow you to connect up to 21 nets using stackable plugs, savings valuable time on installation. The LED bulbs are designed to last up to 50,000 hours, allowing for multiple years of holiday use. Choose from a wide selection of color and sizes that compliment your holiday scheme.

LED net lights commonly have 5mm bulbs. Each bulb is tested to ensure you'll have color consistency throughout the entire net. Even though these 5mm bulbs may seem small, they provide a bright-punch of light with their concave lenses that allows the light to be dispersed in all directions. LED net lights are typically 4'x6', which allows them to be draped on bushes and hedges to create a professional looking display. The green wire blends into the leaves and branches, helping to ensure the only thing that is seen is the brilliant LED lights.