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LED Low Bays

LED low bays are designed to provide broad light distribution in low ceiling applications. They help to deliver a natural, pleasing light output while cutting down on the harsh reflections that lower ceiling typically cause. Implemented with LED technology they consumer fewer watts while producing a higher lumen output compared to HID and fluorescent options, helping to lower your utility bill while giving you a better return on your investment. LED lamps are designed for longevity, with some models rated to last over 50,000 hours of continous use. Another great benefit that LEDs provide is that they operate with no heat loss, unlike other lamps that experience little to a lot of heat loss, which reduces the life of the fixture and adding unintended warmth to the space where they're installed.

Finding the correct LED low bays to illuminate your space comes down to several important factors. First you need to consider what the mounting height will be where these fixtures will be installed. Many are designed to provide better illumination at certain mounting heights. We have a large selection of LED low bays at Stars and Stripes Lighting that are appropriate for your ceiling height while giving you the most advanced LED technology. The other reason LED needs to be considered for your location is that it is the highest perfoming lamp technology available. Operating at a lower wattage while producing high lumen outputs will allow you to continously run your lights on a regular basis. They are designed to last you for years without the need of constant maintenance.

Our selection of LED low bays come in a variety of different sizes, wattages, lumen outputs, color temperatures, and voltages. They are designed to replace older 175W and 250W metal halide or 2-lamp T5HO and 4-lamp T8 fluorescent fixtures, giving you a better return on utility costs over time. Select from a range of color temperatures and color rendering indexes to meet the requirements of your space. LED low bays are ideal for use in small warehouses, showrooms, parking garages, workshops and retail stores.