LED Low Bay Lights

LED low bay lights are light fixtures are typically installed in low ceiling indoor or outdoor applications. LED low bay fixtures are designed to replace 175 watt to 250 watts metal halide or 2-lamp T5HO to 4-lamp T8 fluorescent lamps. LED low bay lighting works well in applications such as parking garages, small warehouses, workshops, showrooms and retail stores. Browse through a large selection of LED low bay fixtures for improved energy savings with affordable pricing.

LED Low Bay - High Bay Lights

LED low bay lights are a high bay that is typically mounted on a lower ceiling. Typically a low bay fixture has less lumens that produces less light, which makes them ideal for low ceiling applications that do not need too much light. On the other hand, LED low bay lights also work in a variety of applications such as mounting high lumen high bays in a machine shop that has a low ceiling, or mounting lower lumen in warehouse spaces with a lower ceiling. Browse through our extensive line of LED high bay fixtures to find the right low bay lights to replace less-efficient metal halide and fluorescent T5 and T8 high bay lights.

LED Low Bay Canopy Lights

LED low bay canopy lights are designed to deliver low bay lighting in outdoor covered ceiling applications. LED canopy fixtures are able to replace up to 250W MH lights, which makes them suitable to install as a low bay in applications that include canopies, parking garages and structures, and many other commercial applications.

LED Low Bay Vapor Tight Lights

LED low bay vapor tight lights are able to provide high bay lighting in damp or wet locations. Low bay fixtures are designed to withstand areas susceptible to moisture, water and dust. These low bay lights feature IP ratings of IP65 and IP66. LED vapor tight high bay fixtures can be installed as a low bay in wet locations, as well as cold storage, restaurant and many other commercial applications.

LED Low Bay Strip Lights

LED low bay strip lights are strips that are designed to replace up to 4 lamp and 6 lamp T8 fluorescent fixtures. These low bay strips can be surface mounted or even suspended to illuminate low ceiling applications. LED strip lights have a more narrow body than other low bay fixtures, making them ideal for applications with limited space where low bay lighting is needed.