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LED Linear Under Cabinet Fixtures

If you're looking to brighten up those dark areas under your cabinets look no further than LED linear under cabinet fixtures from Stars and Stripes Lighting. These under cabinet fixtures are ideal for any chef, craftsman, DIYer, or even moms. They deliver smooth, uniform light that adequately illuminates countertops and workstations without the strain of too much light.

LED linear under cabinet fixtures are available in multiple sizes with a variety of different finishes and color temperatures, so you will definitely be able to find the right fixture that will compliment your work area, while giving you the right amount of light you're looking for, helping you to finish your projects without any hassle. These fixtures are not only good for helping with task productivity, they also help add a sense of warmth and elegance by eliminating dark "caves" generated by your cabinets shadows. By installing one of these fixtures in your home, it will seem like an entirely new room, with its own sense of style and extra space.

By replacing your outdated fluorescents or xenon undercabinet fixtures with LED models, you'll see a drop in your energy bill. We carry LED linear under cabinet fixtures from top brand names like American Lighting, ELCO Lighting, and more that come in a wide range of lengths and wattages. If you're simply looking for a 8-inch LED task light for cabinets, labs, offices, exhibits or accent lighting; or a 36-inch LED task light for larger ares; Stars and Stripes Lighting has the right fixture to suit your specific needs. With wattages ranging from 4 watts to 18 watts, these linear LED undercabinet fixtures are rated to provide up to 40,000 hours of lamp life, which is six times the average life of conventional halogen bulbs with a comparable color temperature, while generating a savings of up to 80 percent in energy efficiency. These damp location rated, dimmable 120-volt fixtures come with a five-year warranty and are UL listed and labeled.