LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting

There are many benefits of upgrading existing light bulbs and fixtures with LED lighting technology. LEDs are known to save on energy costs but they also help out in other areas as well. When most customers think of installing LED, the first place they start is with their light bulbs. LED light bulbs not only save up-to 80 percent in energy consumption but they also produce less heat than incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFLs) and high intensity discharge lamps. One of the great features of upgrading to LED technology is its variety of choices for color temperatures and color tones, that will allow you to completely change the look of the room by choosing a bulb with a cooler color temperature or keep the same look by choosing a warmer tone. Another great feature is that LEDs are extremely durable, many can exceed 10 years of continuous operation. They are also better for the environment since they contain no mercury, unlike their CFL counterparts.

Most manufacturers have incorporated LED technology into their fixture lines as well. Many have moved-on from traditional fluorescent and hid technology, to longer lasting LED. Business owners are becoming more and more energy conservative and have elected to either retrofit or install new LED commercial lighting fixtures. This has helped to make a profound impact on local electrical demands, with many commercial businesses reducing their energy consumption by over 50%. Stars and Stripes Lighting has a large variety of commercial lighting fixtures to choose from that include, LED high bays, LED troffers and LED flat panels. Upgrade your light bulbs and fixtures today to start seeing the benefits LED lighting can provide.