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LED High Bays are a great choice for warehouse lighting, manufacturing facilities, industrial work spaces, big box retail stores, and gymnasiums. LED is the most efficient option on the market today. High bay LED fixtures are a terrific choice to save energy but there other benefactors that come with them as well. Including improved visibility, worker safety and enhanced productivity. LED bay lights are instant-on with no delay like traditional HID high bays. With the longer lifespan of LEDs, this will cut down on maintenance and replacement material costs as well. The great thing about the high bay LED fixture is that you will not lose any illumination by replacing traditional HID high bays, T8 high bays or T5HO high bays. For example, you switch out a traditional 1000 Watt HID High Bay with a 325 Watt LED High Bay which cuts your energy consumption over 50% and gives you the same amount of illumination.

Linear LED High Bays have two different types of light distribution, these being narrow and wide distribution patterns. The narrow distribution is a great solution for illuminating aisle ways in a warehouse or building with high ceiling but narrow aisles. This way you are not wasting light in areas where it is not needed but instead all of the light output from the fixture is exactly where it needs to be. The wide distribution is typically needed for applications that have a higher ceiling and a large amount of area that needs to be illuminated. Round LED High Bays have the same type of light distribution as the linear LED high bays with wide distribution as well but offer the classic look of a traditional high bay fixture. If your on a tight budget and your space requires a great amount of light, the LED Ready High Bay is certainly the most economical choice. Unlike the linear and round models that feature integrated LEDs that are operated by drivers, this high bay comes without a driver a relies on the internal drivers of the LED T8 Lamps that are installed. The main reason that these are more of an economical choice compared to other models is the fact that when the lamp eventually fails or burns out; you can just simply replace it and your fixture is like brand new.

The mounting height depends on the wattage, lumens and type of fixture you select. The higher the wattage and more lumens indicates that the LED High Bay needs to be hung further from the surface. For example, LED High Bays with less than 20,000 lumens needs to be hung in an area where the ceiling 20 feet or less. If you have between 20,000 to 25,000 lumens it needs to be hung at 20 - 25 feet off the floor. And if you have a fixtures that is more than 25,000 lumens it needs to be hung in an area where the ceiling height exceeds 25 feet. Most of our selection of high bays can be suspended or surface mounted except for Round LED High Bays which have to be mounter either by cable or pendant stem.

StarsandStripesLighting.com has a large selection of premium LED high bay fixtures. We carry top brands that include Falkor Lighting, Green Creative, Litetronics, TechBrite, Quality Light Source and many more. We can provide you with a lighting layout to make sure your new fixtures are properly placed to get the light you need. If you need additional help contact one of our customer service specialists today.