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LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

Our line of LED high bays make lighting large open indoor areas simple and economical process. These lamps are great for indoor spaces with mid to high ceilings like warehouses, gyms, retail stores, and barns. Our catalog of LED high bay lights provide high lumen output with excellent efficiency, while having a greater life than any fluorescent or HID fixture. Your space will have increased visibility and efficiency by installing high bay LED lights fixtures from Stars and Stripes Lighting. LED high bay lighting is the most efficient way to illuminate large areas with mid-to-high ceilings, including supermarkets, auditoriums, warehouses, and gyms. With the installation of LED lights, your light quality will drastically improve compared to HID and fluorescent systems.

At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we have the best selection of LED high bay fixtures in stock. Choose from LED panel high bays, LED round high bays, LED UFO high bays, LED tube high bays and various other options to meet your lighting needs. Our LED high bays provide powerful, clean, and crisp white light output. A dedicated fixture has a lifespan that can exceed 100,000 hours of continous light. LED lights are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, saving you time and money. Stars and Stripes Lighting has high bays that come in all shapes and sizes, including 2 X 2 and 2 X 4 LED high bays.

UFO LED High Bays

Lightweight and compact in size, UFO LED high bays are designed to provide maximum efficiency while delivering powerful light output. UFO high bay lights features an aluminum fin style heat sink, which allows them to transfer heat more evenly, significantly extending their lifespan. UFO high bays have a completely sealed design, allowing them to be installed in applications that have water, dust and harsh contaminants present. Select from multiple accessory options available that include aluminum reflector, prismatic reflector, high bay wireguard and high bay lens. These LED high bays are ideal replacements for 175 watts, 250 watts, 400 watts and 1000 watts metal halide high bays.

Linear LED High Bays

Ideal for illuminating high ceiling applications, our selection of linear LED high bays provide a great lighting solution that is high-functioning and affordable. These LED high bay fixtures help to conserve energy consumption, cutting down on overall utility costs. Compared to traditional high intensity discharge and fluorescent lighting systems, linear LED high bays last significantly longer. In some models, the LED lamps last for over 100,000 hours. Another benefit provided by LED bay lighting compared to other technologies is that they emit little to no heat, so they can be left on for extended hours without making the work environment uncomfortable.

Round LED High Bays

Designed with a traditional circular shape, Round LED High Bays provide an ideal solution for providing energy-efficient light output that is long-lasting and maintenance-free. These high bays are constructed with an aluminum body that features a tempered glass lens to protect the LEDs. The Round LED High Bays have an input voltage of 120-277 VAC, making them great replacements for HID fixtures up to 1000-Watts. They are available in cool white or daylight color tones, with color temperatures of 4000K or 5000K. These high bay fixtures can also be used in applications with excessive moisture, dust and debris. They are suitable for use in gymnasium, retail, industrial and warehouse applications. Find the right Round LED High Bays that best suits your needs today at Stars and Stripes Lighting.

LED Tube High Bays

We offer a full line of LED Tube High Bays available here at Stars and Stripes Lighting. These high bays come pre-wired and ready to accept most LED T8 tubes on the market. Providing optimum performance in mid- to high-ceiling applications, these high bay fixtures are great for retrofit or new construction. These LED Tube High Bay fixtures are mode in 4-Light, 6-Light and 8-Light configurations with a 95 percent Miro4 reflector to provide maximum light distribution. For the 4-Light package, which has a 8,400 lumen output, a 1h foot to 15 foot mounting height is recommended. For 6-Light, which has a 12,600 lumen output, a 15 foot to 20 foot mounting height is recommended. The 8-Light package, has a 16,800 lumen output, so a 20 foot to 25 foot mounting height is what we would recommend. Our LED Tube High Bays also feature a hinged reflector, making maintenace easy if and when its required.

Wet Location LED High Bays

Wet location LED high bays are also commonly referred to as wash-down high bays, meaning they can be regularly hosed down with high pressure washers, keeping your fixture looking brand new and removing unwanted dust, dirt, and debris that traditional high bay lighting tends to collect. These wet proof LED high bay fixtures even feature 0-10V dimming, allowing the light levels to be adjusted to fit your commercial application's lighting requirements. All waterproof LED high bays are IP65 or IP66 rated, so they can be exposed to constant presence of water in both indoor or outdoor applications. Wet location LED high bays are great for use in areas such as food and beverage processing, farm and agricultural facilities, commercial kitchens, riding arenas, equine stalls, food preparation sites and more!

480V LED High Bays

Ideal for commercial and industrial applications that have lighting systems running on a higher voltages, 480V LED High Bays are very efficient and long-lasting. These high bay lights require low maintenance, making them ideal for large indoor spaces with high ceilings. They have lumen outputs that make them ideal replacements for inefficient HID systems. Our 480V LED high bays produce up-to 42,000 lumens of clean, powerful and reliable white light. With these dedicated fixtures, you'll enjoy an average lifespan of roughly 100,000 hours - 12 years of non-stop light output!

High Bay Mounting Height

You want to make sure that you get your high bay mounted at the correct height to ensure the proper amount of light is delivered to its intended target. LED high bays have several different mounting options available including chain mount, pendant mount or suspended with aircraft cable. First you want to determine how high your fixture is going to extend from the ceiling, getting it around or below in obstructions that can affect the light distribution. Next you want to measure the distance between the fixture and the floor surface. Below our some examples of what the proper height an LED high bay light should be mounted at:

  • Lights with 10,000 to 15,000 lumens should be mounted between 10-15 feet from the floor
  • Lights with 16,000 to 20,000 lumens should be mounted between 16-20 feet from the floor
  • Lights with 21,000 to 30,000 lumens should be mounted between 21-30 feet from the floor
  • Lights with 31,000 to 40,000 lumens should be mounted between 31-40 feet from the floor
  • Lights with 41,000 or more lumens should be mounted at heights over 41 feet from the floor

We carry a large inventory of LED high bay lighting fixtures that will provide your commercial or industrial application with energy efficient and long lasting illumination. LED high bay lights are extemely popular for areas that need extra illumination, we stock fixtures from Keystone Technolgoies, Litetronics, TechBrite, and many other top brands. Stars and Stripes Lighting has exactly what you need to brighten up your open space with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED high bays. Shop our selection today, or you can call us at 1-800-357-6860 to learn more.