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LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to LED high bays, there are a variety of options and features that separate them from traditional models. Each year their innovative technology and design improves, enabling them to easily outperform other models with ease. Our LED high bays are designed for installation in high ceilings to cover large areas with their broad light distribution pattern. They are able to provide powerful, highly-efficient illumination from a distance. This is what makes them the preferred choice for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses, gymnasiums, and retail stores. Even though there are many other light fixture options available, going with a fixture that has LED technology will provide you with a sustainable light source for years down the road.

The great thing about LED lighting is that it provides you with high quality illumination that is powerful and consistent everyday. They are significantly more energy efficient, requiring less power to operate, saving you money on your power bill for years to come. LED high bays also offer a longer lifespan, which ensures your lights continue to burn for up to 100,000-hours in some cases. They help to provide the highest-quality of light that is affordable, allowing to meet the most demanding of lighting requirements.

We carry a large selection of LED high bays available at Stars and Stripes Lighting. Browse the endless selection of options and features available that will specifically meet the needs of your individual setting. With various wattages, lumen outputs, and sizes available from top industry brands, you'll be able to find top-quality lights that are reliable and affordable. Many of our fixtures are designed to be installed in the toughest of environments that are highly resistant to moisture, debris, and other elements that wear other lights out. Stars and Stripes Lighting has exactly what you need to brighten up your open space with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED high bays. Shop our selection today, or contact us to learn more.