Commercial High Bay LED Lights

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LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

There are several features and options that separate commercial high bay LED lights from traditional models. With their evolution over the years and changes in design quality has enabled them to outperform their predecessors. Our complete line of high bay LED light fixtures are designed to provide a long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting solution in large, tall ceiling applications. With their ability to project light directly downward helps create a well-illuminated environment. LED high bay lights are available with so many different options, which allows them to be installed in a variety of high-ceiling applications.

LED high bay lights make lighting large open indoor areas simple and economical process. These lamps are great for indoor spaces with mid to high ceilings like warehouses, gyms, retail stores, and barns. Our LED high bay lights provide high lumen output with excellent efficiency, while having a greater life than any fluorescent or HID fixture. Your space will have increased visibility and efficiency by installing high bay LED lights fixtures from Stars and Stripes Lighting. LED high bay lighting is the most efficient way to illuminate large areas with mid-to-high ceilings, including supermarkets, auditoriums, warehouses, and gyms. With the installation of LED lights, your light quality will drastically improve compared to HID and fluorescent systems.

At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we carry a wide range of commercial high bay LED lights. Choose from LED tube high bays, LED panel high bays, round high bays and other options to meet your individual needs. Our LED high bays provide powerful, clean, and crisp white light output. A dedicated fixture has a lifespan that can exceed 100,000 hours of continuous light. LED lights are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, saving you time and money. Stars and Stripes Lighting has industrial high bay LED lights that come in all shapes and sizes, including 2 X 2 fixtures.

We also have commercial high bay lighting fixtures that are designed for specific environments and uses. Vapor tight high bays are great for illuminating barns or other damp locations due to their impact-resistant lenses and waterproof housing. Temporary high bay fixtures can be moved around, making them an ideal solution for construction and job sites.

If you're thinking it's time to replace a light, check out our LED Ready High Bays, they allow you to swap out a bad tube rather than having to replace the whole fixture. Reliable and top quality, is what you receive with your lights from Stars and Stripes Lighting. Our line of fixtures are intended for use in virtually any application, including areas with harsh conditions that are susceptible to high levels of condensation, humidity, debris, and other risks that could harm normal everday lights. We provide high bay shop lights that will provide your commercial or industrial setting that are efficient and long-lasting. LED high bay lights are extremely popular for areas that need extra illumination, we stock fixtures from Keystone Technologies, Litetronics, Saylite, and many other top brands. Stars and Stripes Lighting has exactly what you need to brighten up your open space with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED high bay lights. Shop our selection today, or contact us to learn more.