LED High Bay Fixtures

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LED High Bay and Low Bay Lighting Fixtures

LED high bay and LED low bay fixtures are great for illuminating warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, retail stores, auditoriums, and other large indoor spaces, because they have different lighting requirements due to varying ceiling heights. Fixtures incorporated with LED technology have rated lifespans that exceed 100,000 hours of continuous operation with uninterrupted light output. They are great when replacing older fluorescent linear and metal halide fixtures. There are several different styles and designs of LED high bays that are available with up to 50,000 lumens and require less power consumption that helps save on both maintenance and energy costs.

LED UFO High Bay

LED UFO high bays are a great replacement option for inefficient high pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures. These LED high bays can replace up-to 1000 watts metal halide high bays. For pendant or hook mounting, UFO high bay lights are ideal for arenas, warehouses, swimming pools, airports and more. Utilizing their aluminum fin-shaped body as a heat sink, UFO high bays help to provide a long-lasting lighting solution.

Linear LED High Bay

One of the best options available to replace traditional high bays with fluorescent lamps is Linear LED high bays. These fixtures have LED strips mounted inside an aluminum or steel housing with a frosted lens diffuser that helps to produce glare-free illumination. These LED high bay fixtures have several different options for installation that include surface mounting, mounted to a junction box or suspended with chain or aircraft cable hangers. Great for retail stores, gymnasiums and warehouses, Linear LED high bays help to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs when compared to fluorescent high bays. Occupancy sensors can also be added to Linear high bay lights for added savings. Switch-out outdated 4-Lamp, 6-Lamp, 8-Lamp and 10-Lamp T5HO or T8 fluorescent high bays today with energy efficient LED bay lights to start saving on annual utility costs.

Round LED High Bay

With a classic circular design, Round LED high bays offer optimal performance with supreme light output. These high bays typically come with a clear or frosted glass diffuser that helps cut-down on the glare of the LEDs. Round LED high bay fixtures are great for warehouses, gymnasiums and industrial applications because they have the same design like metal halide and high pressure sodium lights. Replace 250 watts through 1000 watts metal halide high bays with long lasting LED high bays. With multiple installation options available, including pendant mount, hook or junction box mount, Round high bays are one of the best options available for illuminating high ceiling applications.

LED Ready High Bay

Even though they have the same appearance as fluorescent high bays, LED ready fixtures do not require a ballast. LED ready high bays come wired with non-shunted sockets and work with direct wire or hybrid LED T8 tubes. Great for replacing older fluorescent systems, LED ready high bay fixtures help on energy consumption and cut-down on maintenance costs.

LED Vapor Tight High Bay

LED Vapor Tight High Bays are an ideal lighting solution for applications with excessive moisture, dirt and debris. Vapor tight high bay lights can be used indoors or outdoors because of their sealed design. Commonly installed in garages, storage areas and food preparation facilities, Vapor tight high bays are considered the go-to source for lighting in these areas. With their IP65 rating, vapor tight high bay lighting can be cleaned with high-pressure power washers.